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About The Masters Group
The Masters Group (TMG), a subsidiary of Transpacific Professional Investment Services, Inc. has been providing proactive service to commercial and mixed-use communities throughout the Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas since 1983. Our customer base is composed of commercial, professional/medical, retail, and mixed-use complexes. 

Since our inception, The Masters Group has focused on serving your Association’s short and long-term needs by providing responsive and friendly service, expert advice, practical viewpoints, and a solid implementation team. Our original charter has not changed over the last twenty-eight years because we have always believed in first understanding the expectations of the development owners, identifying where we can provide added value as a management company, and then deploying the resources to meet those expectations.

We pride ourselves in providing a complete array of management services tailored to the overall complex and for the individual owner and/or occupant's needs. Each offer is backed by a service level agreement and full statement-of-services that is clearly defined and understandable. 

Our expertise includes time-tested qualified managers with technical and business degrees in geology, financial accounting, and management from local universities. Additionally, we seek and maintain strong working relationships with structural and general engineering firms, architecture and design firms, roadway and road-construction firms, and a host of essential specialty maintenance firms and best-in-class GAAP-based accounting practices and partners.

While today’s industry management associations have just started to teach the importance of facilities-management education and skills development to their constituents, our heritage lies in facility and equipment manufacturing management. Over twenty-five years ago we provided facilities and equipment integration management services for Intel, IBM, Nortel Networks, and Applied Materials. Our experience and skill set enabled us to be an active participant in the success of our clients' manufacturing facilities and production. As technologies changed and budget constraints became more restricted, our managerial knowledge continued to play a vital role in bringing new manufacturing capabilities into the existing manufacturing facilities.  

Therein, if your existing building(s) or campus complexes need a higher level of management who work under tight budget constraints while providing top-notch service, our group of professional facility and property managers are eager to help implement and deploy the right resources to achieve your objectives.  We deliver these hallmark services at the highest level of management controls, 24/7, with complete pareto-based reporting. 

We look forward to serving your professional community in the near future. 

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 Our objective is to reduce your short  and long-term costs while increasing  the relative value of your real property.