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Property Focus
Meeting the Demand
To meet the demand of our Commercial, R&D, and Light-Industrial Clients we have developed a full set of time-tested skills in property management that encompasses the wide variety of property uses and applications.
In over 28 years, we have managed facilities in the Hi-Tech, Network/Telecom, General Professional, Software Development, and Medical industries in Silicon Valley. Each of these User Groups has different needs and requires varying levels of management expertise.
For example, we have qualified Property Managers and Certified Toxin Inspectors that manage on-going chemical, air, and solid toxic/waste systems and disposal (including medical waste). We also are skilled in the management of varying levels of electronic (RF/Microwave/X-Ray) transmission pollution, where the development of mobile phone software and test applications can create dangerous forms of transmissions between offices and buildings.
The importance of knowing how to manage and detect different forms of use-applications enables our Clients to be better protected from adjoining office units or complexes. It also means that our Clients can enjoy greater return of investment on their building investment with less risk.

Facilities and Features
In most business relationships, the need to have actual face time with a Client or customer is important. It is at these times when the features of the complex and the relative infrastructure of the building become an integral part of the relationship process.
At The Masters Group, we focus on the little things so that you do not have to. These include ensuring fire systems are operational, clearly marked directories, easy access to US Mail facilities, and a rest area where you can have time to think and regroup. This is all part of the process we call Advanced Management Solutions. 

​Facilities Planning
Whether your needs are for a stylized surgical room, Class 1 Clean-Room, or educational-training center, The Masters Group will help develop the perfect professional layout and facilities area.
The Masters Group has teamed up with several specialty office design firms to create your perfect functional space. We also have in-house capabilities to equip your new facilities with SOTA-based network equipment & technology.

Thinking Through Problems
It is essential to create a comprehensive plan that identifies all existing issues and enables some form of economies-of-scale that reduces the overall cost of repairs and renovation. 
It is no surprise when a problem has been left to fester, the result of delaying action is often more expensive.

"In our experience, the overall cost of delaying a repair often ends up costing more than three (3x) times the original cost to maintain it well in the first place."
Rob March
CEO, Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Identifying the entire problem, establish a thorough scope-of-work, and act upon the solution are to the direct long-term economic benefit of your complex.

Resolving Issues
The Masters Group will utilize your existing vendors if the Developer wishes. All vendors are required to maintain accurate and detailed records in digital format. We provide a written grade sheet each month that highlights the Vendor’s performance and areas of desired improvements.

24/7 Service
You can count on our Management Services to be tailored to your building and complex needs. 24/ 7 means a commitment to be checking, inspecting, and repairing any issues that arise at the complex at all times.
In today’s fast-paced world, you cannot afford to spend time on the managing of your complex’s appearance and functionality. The hallmarks of all successful businesses in the trade have included good service, quality workmanship, attention to detail, and swift responsiveness. At The Masters Group, we believe that your needs for Property Management services should be no less responsive or quality minded. 

​The "Forty-Point Guide"
In over twenty-five years of value-based services for Northern California’s Contractors, Builders, and Developers, The Masters Group has continuously heard the same question from business owners: how can a management firm reduce my overall rework/call back costs and enable a project to be truly ‘completed’ and ‘clearly profitable’? In response to this question, we have created the “Forty-Point Guide”. The Guide includes advice on topics like what design elements to avoid and how to engineer a project that stands the test of time, rather than your patience and pocket book. For support during design, construction, and post-occupancy management, The Masters Group’s value-based services and capabilities are always available to handle the call. For more information, please contact us.
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